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John McCain and the Distorted Lens of Now

In the wake of the death of Senator John McCain, perhaps at last our culture will “think what we are doing.” This phrase comes from Hannah Arendt, who in the late 1950’s was observing a kind of thoughtlessness that would lead us to the mindless mass culture that plagues us today. Or as Alan Jacobs put it, “we damn well better be asking ourselves what else is happening.” Time will tell.

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Where Does Your Life Need Pruning?

Jesus talks about pruning in John 15, where he describes himself as the True Vine and his Father as the gardener who prunes away branches that don’t bear fruit so those that do bear fruit are more, well, fruitful. We often think of this in absolute terms – being pruned means being completely cut off – but she was thinking about it as something we all experience. There are branches of our lives that have to be cut away so that the rest of our life can flourish.

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