Esteban Shedd on Missional Hip-Hop

Esteban Shedd recently sat down with Mike Cosper to talk about his journey through hip-hop, and how it led him from some dead-end streets in Chicago to follow in his father’s footsteps of sharing God’s word with a lost world.

From his first words, you get a sense of Shedd’s passion for Jesus and how it seems to infuse every fiber of his being. Creatively, this is expressed through the music he creates with Alert312, a hip-hop trio that also includes Loren La Luz and Aaron Lopez. Shedd’s bandmates also work with him at Streetlights Bible, a company they formed to create an audio Bible for folks immersed in hip-hop culture who might otherwise not read it.

Streetlights Bible has completed a New Testament audio version of the Bible that’s like nothing you’ve ever heard, and you can find out how to get it here.

As believers, we are all part of God’s Great Commission, and Esteban Shedd is a great example of how to use our gifts to live out that calling.

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