Taking Grace to the Sex Industry

What risks would you take to share the love of Christ with another? The answer, of course, differs from person to person, and this week's guest on Cultivated, Rachelle Starr, has no problem taking risks. She has the boldness that comes from overcoming a deadly childhood disease, and that fearless streak led her and three girlfriends to a strip club one Thursday night to see how they might serve the women employed there.

That experience led to the creation of Scarlet Hope, an organization with the mission to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with women in the adult entertainment industry. Since starting with the simple mission of providing home cooked meals and empathy for marginalized women, Scarlet Hope has grown to include job training and other resources to help women get out of the sex industry.

Rachelle’s story is a reminder of how God equips us in all circumstances to be his witness, wherever he leads. 

Cultivated is a production of Harbor Media and Narrativo Group. This episode was produced by Mike Cosper, recorded and edited by TJ Hester and mixed by Mark Owens. Our theme music is by Roman Candle and Dan Phelps.