The Weekender: 3-3-2017

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Why Do People Fast for Lent?

It's the first week of Lent, and here, Alissa Wilkinson offers a helpful guide to what Lent is and why Christians practice it. 


This Oscars Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

The Oscars were this week and ended with a huge gaffe. This article, which should come with a language warning, is a great breakdown of those final moments and the reactions in the crowd. 



Meanwhile, over in the National Review, Kevin Williamson makes the case that we've become a culture of complacency and wonders what the cost to society will be. 


The Structures of Presumption: Case Studies

Alan Jacobs discusses the "structures of presumption" in this short article, and how they might apply to widespread accusations of campus rape and the ongoing debate over gender and transgender issues. While I am not convinced on the question of campus rape (particularly given how under reported sexual crimes are in general), I think the case he makes about the transgender issues is very compelling and worth reading. 

We will be taking a break next weekend again but hope you enjoy your weekend!