The Weekender: 2-10-17

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First up for your weekend reading: Nick Thorburn, who wrote the soundtrack to "Serial," describes why musicians hate "sellouts," what "selling out" is, and why it's an antiquated notion in the new music economy. 

Ross Douthat surveys the stories that shape our political landscape, and while he doesn't offer solutions, he clarifies the lines of the turf wars in some important ways. 

My friend, Matthew Lee Anderson, had a really important piece in Vox last week, answering the critics of the pro-life movement who say we "obsess" over the issue. He writes, "for the pro-lifer, there is no clearer instance of the marginalized, the voiceless, and the vulnerable than in the womb." 

Lifeway Christian Bookstore removed the Christian rapper Sho Baraka's new album from its shelves. This article explains why, and notes some of the oddities around it. 

And lastly, check out part two of our conversation with Andy Crouch on Cultivated. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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