The Weekender: 2-3-2017

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Your news and links for this week: 

In the midst of so much news and controversy, this story might just be one more drop in the bucket. But it matters. Truth matters. The Holocaust's roots and origins matter. Who knows why the Jews were omitted from the statement, or why the administration has doubled and tripled down on the omission. But people of conscience should not ignore it or be complicit with the omission. 

We have a new Supreme Court nominee. Regardless of how you might feel about the political climate, if you care about religious liberty, Gorsuch is a good pick. My friend Andrew Walker tells us why. 

Frederick Douglass was in the news for strange reasons this week. Here is a better reminder of his legacy

Lastly, Peter Leithart describes the neurotic experience of writing a book

And a bonus: Elbow has a new record out today. The first single is spectacular. Go check it out!

We had Andy Crouch on Cultivated. He told us his story and shared on empathy and the imagination and much more. Check out this week's episode and we'll be back next week again with him for part two. 

Enjoy your weekend!

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