The Weekender: 2-17-17

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Florist Discriminated Against Gay Couple, Washington Supreme Court Rules

Big news in the ongoing "florist" lawsuit involving Baronelle Stutzman. It shows how thoroughly the LGBT rights movement has married their cause to the racial equality arguments of the civil rights era. On to the Supreme Court from here. 


What's Behind Hip-Hop's Religious Revival?

Hip Hop is having a religious moment, especially via Chance the Rapper's mix of rap and Gospel music. 


It's Tough to Be a Chance the Rapper Fan When You're Not a Christian

Here, on the other hand, is someone complaining about the religious themes of Chance's music, seeing Christianity as a weapon that kept the Black Church in submission (as opposed to providing them hope and perseverance). In making his case against the black church, he references the forgiveness extended to Dylan Roof's victims in that horrific church shooting - as though their forgiveness were a sign of weakness and not strength. 


What We're Fighting For

Phil Klay, the author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning collection of short stories based on his time serving in the military, had an op-ed about American values and what we're fighting for. Important words about human dignity on the battlefield in a war-torn time, and words that should resonate with those who believe humanity is made in God's image. 


Was It Wrong for Scientists to Create a Pig-Human Hybrid Embryo?

Finally, a disturbing article about the creation of a pig-human hybrid embryo. I am reminded of one of Jeff Goldblum's lines as Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park: "you were so obsessed with whether or not you could do it, you never asked if you should do it."

Hannah Arendt called this kind of work "acting into nature," and like all forms of genetic engineering, crop transplanting, and experiments with atomic energy (and weaponry), such work has the potential of creating catastrophic long-term effects that cannot be imagined from where we stand. It is the height of hubris to think that meddling in creation in such a way is a good idea. 

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