The Weekender: 1-27-2017

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This week on Cultivated, we talked with Ekemini Uwan, a writer, speaker, and public theologian. She shared with us her unexpected transition from the business world to seminary, as well as some challenging thoughts on race and the church. 

And now, for your weekend reading: 

Michael Gerson is a columnist at the Washington Post and a former speechwriter for George W. Bush. He's a Christian, and his political commentary reflects a clear-headed prioritization of Kingdom over country. He was loudly concerned about evangelical support for Trump, and in this article, he outlines the dangers that lie ahead - in the midst of real opportunities - for evangelicals and conservatives in the Trump years. 

On Brainpicking this week, they had this reflection on Dylan Thomas' famous poem, including archival footage of Thomas reading the poem. Well worth a few minutes of your time. 

In Washington, steps are being taken to prevent funds from being funneled to Planned Parenthood. Amidst the debate, Planned Parenthood's advocates can often be heard talking about the other services PP provides, like prenatal care. A new undercover investigation by the pro-life group Live Action finds not only that few PP clinics do offer prenatal care, they also openly admit that most of their business is about abortion. 

Makoto Fujimura, an artist and a Christian who recently wrote a beautiful book reflecting on the novel Silence, got to meet Martin Scorcese, who recently directed a film based on the same book. 

I recently finished Ronald Rolheiser's book, Sacred Fire: A Vision for Deeper Human and Christian Maturity. The book explores how life in God should result in deep transformation, teaching us to give our lives away and ultimately give our deaths away. I read a lot of books on spiritual life, and Rolheiser's caught me in a deep way, helping me imagine in very practical and challenging ways how my life might be transformed in the decades ahead. 

Enjoy your weekend and see you next weekend!

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