The Weekender: 1-13-17

Happy New Year!

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First up: My favorite podcast episode of all time is from the show "Reply All." The episode tells the story of "selfie rat," a viral news phenomenon, and links it with Pizza Rat... and a strange performance artist named Zardulu. I encourage you to listen to the episode here. Then... read more about Zardulu here. To me, the whole Zardulu phenomenon is an example of someone desperately looking within a secular frame for ways to make the world a little more magical and a little less dry. 

Next: Big news (and good news) for people who care about human trafficking

I'm a big fan of both Hannah Arendt and the website - and this week, Maria Popova has a great summary of Arendt's theory on how art and science illuminate how thinking works, and how art reveals a longing for transcendence and immortality. 

Speaking of Hannah Arendt, The Arendt Center at Bard College has a weekly newsletter that's usually full of provocative stuff. In this one, there's an excerpt of a longer article on the ideological conflicts shaping our politics. Rather than a Left/Right tension, Greg Ip argues that the battle is between Patriots and Cosmopolitans, or between Nationalists and Globalists. He's attempting to account for what's happened in the US and France this year, and I think he's on to something. 

Lastly, the brilliant humorist and writer Dave Barry wrote his Year in Review. It's a long read and will make you glad it's 2017. 

We'll see you next week!

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