The Weekender: 12-9-2016

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Without further ado, here's The Weekender: 

  • Martin Scorsese's new film "Silence" - being released later this month - is a film adaptation of one of the most devastating books I've read. The NYTimes wrote about his overarching focus on the nature of faith in his work. It highlights the making of the film while exploring the relevance of the film's topic in today's culture. The film itself explores "the conflict between a profession of faith and the expression of it" in Japan, and it's a disturbing story about religious intolerance and persecution. 
  • If you're looking for recommended books to read this upcoming year, check this article out by Russell Moore. He lists books from 2016 that were most meaningful to him. 
  • Tim Keller recently released a book, Hidden Christmas, and this interview explores the book's theme and the ideas of "why neither the god of moralism nor the god of relativism would've bothered with Christmas, how unbelievers try to "name" Jesus and more." It's a call to wake up from the familiarity of this season and see that "Christmas is both more wondrous and more threatening than we imagine." 
  • Lastly, a provocative article by a professor from Notre Dame on how the current generation has lost its connection to the Western world's common culture. Students have become "hollowed vessels, receptive and obedient." Deneen writes, "Our education system produces solipsistic, self-contained selves whose only public commitment is an absence of commitment to a public, a common culture." 

See you next weekend! 

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