Episode 6: Alissa Wilkinson

Alissa is a staff writer at Vox.com, where she covers film and pop culture, and an associate professor of English and humanities at The King's College in New York City, where she teaches courses on criticism and cultural theory.

Prior to that, Alissa was the critic at large at Christianity Today and regularly contributed criticism and features at a number of publications, including Rolling Stone, Vulture, RogerEbert.com, Pacific Standard, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Review of Books, Books & Culture, and others.

On today’s show, we’ll talk about Christians and movies, about what it means to be a critic, and what it means to a Christian writer in the mainstream media. We’ll also talk about art in general, about the particular cultural moment we’re living in, and we’ll cover Charles Taylor and David Foster Wallace. 

Check out Alissa’s book here. 

Her recent article on the Hamilton Mixtape

Her essay on David Foster Wallace. 

Her review of Arrival. 

Here’s the David Foster Wallace essay collection.

And the book on Charles Taylor by James K.A. Smith

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We’ll be back next week, when my guest will be the Doctor, President, and Intergalactic Keeper of Souls, Gregory Thornbury.