Episode 4: David Dark

David Dark is the author of several books including “Everyday Apocalypse”, “The Gospel According to America”, and more recently, “Life’s Too Short To Pretend You’re Not Religious”. His life-long project is to help people see the sacred revealed in the everyday, including movies and television. For David, there is no such thing as a sacred/secular divide. 

On today’s show, hear how he came to see the world that way and why. We’ll talk about the first movie that filled him with awe, the reason he hashtags news stories with the word “liturgy”, and he tells the story about the brief conversation he had with N.T. Wright about the “Left Behind” series. 

Links to David’s work:

David's Books  

“I Speak to God in Public” David’s review of Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book” mixtape. 

“Unsettled Questions” David’s interview with Dave Bazan (of Pedro the Lion) on belief and unbelief at Qideas:  

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