Cultivated: Conversations about Faith and Work Episode 1

It's here! The premiere episode of Cultivated: Conversations about Faith and Work features Gabe Lyons. Gabe is an author, speaker, and a movement leader whose work focuses on helping Christians understand the opportunities and challenges of life in a post-Christian world. On our show, you'll hear him talk about growing up in the church, the reasons he started Qideas , his pro-life advocacy, and his vision for Christians in places of influence throughout culture. 

We're excited to feature Gabe on our premier episode because his work closely parallels our vision for Cultivated. We want to tell the stories of Christians who are working hard to influence culture, seeking to understand why they do what they do,  and how their faith informs their work. 

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For more about Gabe Lyons, check out Qideas or get one of his books on his Amazon page. 

Show Notes:

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