The Weekender 10-21-2016

Each week, I post a roundup of links and articles (or articles we discovered this week) for your weekend reading, perusing, and ruminating. You can get it in your inbox by subscribing here.

  • Dr. Russell Moore wrote on the 100 year anniversary of Planned Parenthood. "God used a young virgin and a quiet carpenter to preserve the life of the Savior. Let’s follow their example of obedience and fight the spiritual powers that seek to kill, steal and destroy, by carrying the Gospel of the baby who came to give life, and life abundantly." Read more here. Dr. Moore was also in the New York Times Magazine this weekend. 
  • Harry Shearer, one of the creators of "This is Spinal Tap", has sued the studios that own the rights to the film. It's an interesting case, and one that raises questions about justice in the entertainment industry. Shearer says, "I've learned that between 1984 and 2006, Canal – a French subsidiary of Vivendi – reports that our share of all merchandise income worldwide from This Is Spinal Tap was $81 – $81 for 22 years. Between 1989 and 2006, the corporations said that total income from music sales was $98. Wow. Ninety-eight dollars is about enough to buy one miniature Stonehenge." Read more here.
  • Maybe my favorite article this week is from David Brooks, "The Power of a Dinner Table." He tells the story of a couple in Washington D.C. who have opened their home on Thursday nights to at-risk kids. It's a story about poverty, community, and hope, and it's a hopeful note in the midst of a a depressing election. Read it here. 
  • Speaking of the election, I thought Kevin DeYoung's reflections were helpful here. DeYoung's perspective is apparent, but it's a helpful perspective for those trying to understand the motivations of voters, and it's a call to graciousness. 
  • Last of all, here's Tim Keller being awesome: "How to Restore Civility in the Public Square." 



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